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Nuheat Custom Mats


Nuheat is the only radiant heat system that gives you the option to have custom mats made specifically for rooms with angles or curves. When full coverage cannot be achieved with Nuheat's standard size in floor heating mats (i.e. rooms with angles or curved walls), Nuheat's electric floor heating system can also utilize custom-shaped in floor heating mats to provide optimal coverage of under floor heat. Nuheat's custom in floor heating mats are also available in both 110 and 220 volt formats.  

Curves & angles combined are no problem for Nuheat's Manufacturing capabilities. If you measure your rooms we can build you a CUSTOM Nuheat Mat that will fit your room like a glove in about one week.

How to measure for a Custom made mat for your project

Nuheat Drawing Paper & Measuring Guide - Download Now

Whether you choose Nuheat Custom Mats or any one of 64+ standard size Nuheat Mats in stock at Warm Your Floor and you are designing your dream home or renovating your existing home, the Nuheat electric floor heating system will ensure even distribution of under floor heat.

Build Your Own Mat

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