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SunTouch Mats Installation Support

SunTouch Mats Installation Support

SunTouch Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant Floor Heat is the most comfortable way to heat. Want warm tile floors? Get an in floor warming system and enjoy warm floors.

Details and Information to install your floor heat are below. Learn more about Electric Radiant Heat Mats from SunTouch, by clicking on the links below, then view, download or print the complete SunTouch Installation manuals, or just the pages you need.

See SunTouch Mat installation Videos Online

SunTouch Mats Installation Manual

Mat Installation Instructions. The complete SunTouch Floor Heating 20+ page manual in PDF for viewing, printing, or download.

Read SunTouch Mats Frequently Asked Questions

Thermostat Control Instructions and Support page

Troubleshooting SunTouch Mat Installations

If you are not qualified to do electrical installations, we recommend hiring a qualified, licensed electrician to install electrical components. If you, or your electrician, have any questions or problems, please read below for troubleshooting tips. Any troubleshooting work should be done with the power removed from the circuit, unless otherwise noted.

1. Mat resistance measurement is different that the UL label.

a) The meter must be able to read from 0 ohms to 1000 ohms and should be set at 200 Ohms b) Does the meter need to be calibrated? c) Is the meter digital? A digital meter is requried for accurate readings d) Have you checked the battery in the meter? Low batteries will give inconsistent readings.

2. The control is not operating.

a) Check the Mat resistance with your digital ohm meter again. b) Have you supplied the correct voltage to the control? c) Is the sensor wires connected to the control? Are you getting an Error on the display? d) Has the SunStat’s GFCI circuit "tripped" indicating a possible wiring problem? Please review the instuctions

3. The in floor heat mat doesn't get warm.

a) Have you supplied the correct voltage to the control? Check electrical schematics and control instructions. b) Are the sensor wires connected to the thermostat control? Check electrical schematics and control instructions. c) Use your digital ohm meter to confirm the resistance of the sensor wire of 10,000 ohm (10K) at 70 degrees F. d) Check the mat resistance with your digital ohm meter again and compare to UL tag. e) If integrating with other GFCI devices (not recommended), read the instructions carefully to make sure the "line" (power supply) and "load" (Mat) are properly wired. f) If using more than one mat, make sure both are wired in parallel (white-to-white, black-to-black, green-to-green) and connected to the control. Do not wire in series.

4. The ohm meter shows the in floor mat's heating wire leads (not the ground) resistance is open or at infinity.

The Mat has been damaged and must not be energized. If the Mat has been damaged, stop immediately and look for the damaged area. If this damaged area cannot be found, take ohm readings between the black and white wires (Blue replaces White for 240v), black and green wires, and white and green wires and record these readings and contact the factory for assistance toll free 888-432-8932.

SunTouch Mats 25-Year Warranty

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