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Snow & Ice Melting

The secret to a shovel-free winter... It’s late November, the first snowfall of the season, and you’re coming home after a long day. The snow is falling as hard as you’ve been working, and there are already two feet of snow on the ground. But instead of gassing up the snowblower or grabbing the shovel, you pull right into your driveway. And you don’t need to worry about the mail carrier or your kids slipping on the concrete steps to your front door, because this winter, you’ve planned ahead and installed a complete maintenance-free snow-melting radiant heat system from Warm Your Floor. And today, the sensor you installed automatically activated the system before snow and ice had a chance to accumulate on your driveway.

The reality of a shovel-free winter can be yours. No more taking the snowblower in for maintenance, or pouring harsh chemicals and salts on your driveway that destroy landscaping and poison the environment. Instead, when winter hits, you can have snow-free, ice-free driveways and walkways with a fast-acting, efficient, maintenance-free radiant electric heating system from Warm Your Floor. Best of all, you can protect your family, pedestrians, guests and customers from slip-and-fall accidents at your home or business.

Whether you’re heating just a few stone steps or long concrete driveway, Warm Your Floor has a wide selection of products to keep your outdoor surfaces free of ice and snow this winter. From portable heated mats—safe for you and your pets to walk on—to heating cables or all-in-one mats that can be installed directly under stone, concrete, asphalt and pavers, Warm Your Floor has everything you need.

You can’t stop winter, but you can save your back with the convenience and safety of electric radiant heat from Warm Your Floor. Call us today to have a safer winter tomorrow.


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